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    French Embassy in India and Business France along with the Indo-French Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the French Institute in India, presented the highly anticipated second edition of the Exhibition Art de Vivre à la Française 2024 in New Delhi to showcase the epitome of French luxury and lifestyle. To continue to foster a vibrant Indo-French partnership, The Chanakya associated with IFCCI as an official sponsor for this very special event on French design in India.

    The Chanakya played host for the closing soirée of the Art de Vivre A La Française Exhibition at Cafe C, The Chanakya, with an esteemed guest list of French Embassy delegates, expats and French Ambassadors including Sabrina Durand, Fabrice Cotelle and Vianney Mayeneir.

    The remarkable evening marked a collision between the worlds of Indian luxury and French culture creating a lasting impression to all the key stakeholders. The event served as a social gathering, with a strong historical connection between French luxury houses and India, the soirée provided as the ideal platform to explore new business opportunities for both Indian and French entities, by forging meaningful partnerships and sparking discussions in this thriving market.

    The event received an added touch of elegance with the presence of William Grant & Sons the esteemed celebration partners, who curated an exclusive menu of fusion cocktails featuring Glenfiddich Whisky and Hendrick’s Gin. Guests were treated to an exciting evening as they savored these signature concoctions, perfectly complementing the atmosphere of cultural exchange and celebration.

    Moreover, the ambiance was further elevated by the lively tunes performed by the band, which played a delightful mix of fun and vintage melodies. This musical accompaniment added to the essence of the event, enhancing the overall experience for all attendees.

    In essence, the event was not only a feast for the senses but also a celebration of collaboration and cultural appreciation, where guests were able to create unforgettable memories of the fusion between Indian luxury and French culture.


    22nd March 2024