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    Brunello Cucinelli S.p.A. is an Italian luxury fashion brand which sells menswear, women’s wear and accessories in Europe, North America and East Asia. The brand depicts deeply rooted moral values, such as being a “humanistic enterprise” and using craftsmanship to lend moral dignity to both the artisan and the owner

    The luxury prêt-à-porter fashion house is widely recognized as one of the quintessential cashmere manufacturers in the world today. However, there is much more to the brand than clothes. Brunello has managed to build a sustainable and humanistic company, where the real value comes from respecting the environment.

    Sustainability, ethical production and local craftsmanship are just some of the pioneering ways in which Cucinelli is investing in the local community through philanthropy.

    Brunello’s vision always includes a combination of art, tradition and humanity. His sense of beauty can be clearly perceived at his headquarters in Solomeo’s medieval castle, as well as in the ethical production and sense of community that lie at the heart of his brand’s values. The combination of tradition and modernity is visible in the brand’s creations too, showcasing Italian craftsmanship and savoir faire wrapped in a modern design.


    Ajitesh Dhadwal


    05, Ground Floor


    Monday – Sunday
    11 am – 9 pm