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    The Chanakya x Harper’s Bazaar India: ‘Dapper at Dusk’

    The Chanakya x Harper’s Bazaar India: ‘Dapper at Dusk’

    In a glamorous affair that combined elegance and fashion, ‘Dapper at Dusk’ graced The Chanakya in the heart of Delhi. This exclusive event, in partnership with Harper’s Bazaar India, defined luxury and sophistication for the city’s discerning elite.

    The night unfolded with intellectually stimulating panel discussions moderated by prominent personalities of the media industry; Rasna Bhasin and Smita Thripathy. Topics ranging from “The Power of Storytelling in the World of Luxury” to “Body & Beyond” were explored with insight from esteemed panelists, including Ms. Pushpa Bector, Vinod Nair and Sobia Ameen.

    Opulence extended to every facet, from delectable gin cocktails and delightful canapés, to the enchantment of Chirag Jethwaney’s illusions and the musical rhythms of the famous “The Copycats.”

    Curated experiences by The Chanakya’s in-house brands elevated the event’s allure. Personalized leather name tags from Perona, the bespoke Style Zone by Ralph Lauren and Ted Baker, and the exquisite “Cashmere and Conversations” by Brunello Cucinelli showcased the pinnacle of luxury lifestyle.

    Amid the elegance of The Chanakya, the evening also witnessed a high-end car display featuring the Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE 53 with its unparalleled design and cutting-edge technology.

    ‘Dapper at Dusk’ united Delhi’s elite – designers, editors, influencers, and more – in a celebration of luxury. The collaboration between The Chanakya and Harper’s Bazaar India redefined sophistication, leaving an unforgettable mark on the city’s fashion landscape.


    26th August 2023