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    DLF Luxury Spring Summer Sale Preview

    DLF Luxury Spring Summer Sale Preview

    The Chanakya Spring Summer Sale Preview was held on the 19th of June 2019 at Café C.

    Attendees enjoyed an evening full of exciting engagements such as Leather Personalization by Perona, Calligraphy by Montblanc alongside delectable tasting sessions by Khoya, Yoku Moku and Papa Bubble.

    We also pampered the ladies with exclusive nail services by Noir, The Luxury Salon.

    Fashion Influencers such as Rasna Bhasin, Sonam Pal, Nitya Birla and Urvashi Kumar Bali were also present at the event.

    Guests had a great time shopping over wine by ‘Fratelli Wines’ and lavish food spread by MKT.


    19th June 2019