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NicoCaara is the result of an exciting collaboration between Nicobar and CAARA, two companies with the aligned goals of forging new paths in India. Both brands focus quality, seasonality, and on experience, both are excited by local artisans and sustainable choices, and from these shared values NicoCaara was born.A fresh restaurant integrated into Nicobar’s flagship store in DLF’s The Chanankya, CAARA’s small plates menu focuses on seasonal, local produce and new ways to use it.

Using Nicobar’s tropical-inspired brand as a springboard, NicoCaara has begun exploration into produce of the lands that meet the Indian Ocean.

The menu will change, evolving with the seasons, using Indian and Asian ingredients as much as possible. Our small plate menu is designed to mix and match, to share and enjoy together, and the menu is clearly marked to help navigate any intolerances, and those who are gluten, dairy, or sugar-free will find plenty to enjoy.

A live kitchen opens up food preparation and makes this dining space an interactive experience, while the bar is perfect to perch at for a quick bite or a couple of cocktails while you watch chefs in action.

Designed by Shonan Trehan and her team at LAB Architects, each element, from the artisanal brass handis to the bold, black kaddapa stone of the bar and the handmade local tiles, all proudly showcase the diversity of what India has to offer.


Tajinder Pal Singh


Monday – Sunday
10 am to 10 pm