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Paro is a knowledge and concept led brand with an emphasis on the Self. We are focused on wellbeing, which Paro sees as a worldview, a holistic way of seeing the self and locating it within a larger world.

Paro celebrates personal luxury through the nuances of purity, of textures and of beauty that delights the senses.

Paro’s Botanica offers a wide range of pure seed and essential oils, healing herbs and special blends, along with customised solutions by our resident aromatherapist to address specific concerns. Paro Jewellery is a unique collection in which each piece is inspired by the traditions of the subcontinent. The Deep Sleep range offers bed and bath linen made from GOTS certified organic cotton.

With the Sacred Agni range, Paro revisits the tradition of personal rituals. The clothing collection celebrates the purity of materials and is crafted from pure cashmere, silk yarns and organic cotton. We also have spa treatments to help you to detox and rejuvenate yourself. The Shanti Space has a curated library for browsing and is the space where Paro hosts workshops to share special knowledge.


Humaira Rehman




Monday – Sunday
11 am to 8 pm