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    Perona Fashion Forward Event at The Chanakya

    Perona Fashion Forward Event at The Chanakya

    An exclusive evening of fashion forward women unfolded at Perona at The Chanakya in association with Ladies Who Lead. Renowned stylist and fashion consultant, Smridhi Sibal, orchestrated a live styling masterclass that unveiled the intricacies of curating a chic and contemporary wardrobe.

    Following the masterclass, the fashion-forward narrative seamlessly transitioned into an interactive fashion walk unveiling Perona’s latest Fall Winter Collection, where models engaged with the guests to provide insights into the collection. This immersive experience was a dialogue between the fashion aficionados and the curated pieces that spoke volumes about Perona’s commitment to style and individuality.

    As the evening progressed, guests indulged in a personalized experience at the customization corner while they savored delectable cocktails and canapés, elevating the ambiance into an artistic fusion of fashion and indulgence.

    The pinnacle of the evening featured an enlightening talk by Perona’s founders, Mr. Puneet Mangla and Ms. Shruti Mangla. They shared the brand’s legacy, offering insights into their expertise and the story of “Perona”. The night at Perona was beyond an event; it embodied a celebration of style, substance, and legacy, exemplifying the brand’s steadfast commitment to crafting extraordinary experiences.


    26th October 2023