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    The Chanakya Connoisseur’s Closet

    The Chanakya Connoisseur’s Closet

    Transporting guests on an opulent journey through time, The Chanakya played host to a splendid vintage exhibit, unveiling rare and iconic creations spanning eras. Guests enjoyed exclusive interactions with collectors and luxury brands while exploring limited-edition collectibles, timepieces, and historical jewels.

    Globally celebrated brands like Brioni, Perona, and Ralph Lauren curated engaging experiences. Brioni showcased the art of Made To Measure through impeccably tailored suits, while Perona unveiled their latest collection alongside personalized stations for leather goods.

    The event presented unparalleled opportunities to explore coveted models from acclaimed collectors like HMCI, The Titus Museum, Symetree Jewellery, Museo Camera, Absynthe Design, Art Magnum, The Smoke Company, and The Royal Fables. Diljeet Titus showcased an exquisite fleet of vintage cars, including the Bentley and Bugatti, while The Smoke Company enticed guests with a display of rare cigars. From Art Magnum’s vintage art inspired by Rabindranath Tagore and Jamini Roy to Absynthe Design’s collection of vintage pocket watches, coins, gramophones, and Royal Fables’ fusion of palace studios and Indian brands showcasing heritage fashion, guests immersed themselves in the intricacies of luxury craftsmanship.

    Throughout the evening, The Chanakya became a haven where timeless luxury intertwined with curated stories, offering an immersive experience into the world of vintage treasures. The Chanakya Connoisseur’s Closet left a lasting memory—a night where luxury met heritage, welcoming all into its enchanting world of exclusivity.


    24th November 2023