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    The Chanakya x Koel Purie: Debut Book Launch of ‘Clearly Invisible in Paris’

    The Chanakya x Koel Purie: Debut Book Launch of ‘Clearly Invisible in Paris’

    The synergy of luxury and literature came alive at The Chanakya, as Koel Purie unveiled her debut book, “Clearly Invisible In Paris.” As couture weaves tales through craftsmanship, Koel Purie’s ‘Clearly invisible In Paris’, threads narratives through words, both invoking a sense of style, elegance, creativity of storytelling & warmth of relationships. The unveiling of this book at The Chanakya was an exclusive event that brought together Delhi’s elite, enveloping them in an atmosphere of refined extravagance.

    A captivating book reading let the characters’ world unfold, followed by an intimate signing session that bridged the author-reader connection. Culinary delights from MKT delighted the palate, while a mesmerizing musical performance added artistic crescendo.

    The evening’s allure was further enhanced by Tanqueray’s cocktails and Skinny Witch’s sparkling wines, adding effervescence to the occasion.

    Koel Purie, radiant in Tiffany Jewelry taken from the store at The Chanakya, epitomized grace and style. Her choice of jewelry harmonized literature with luxury, symbolizing the event’s fusion of intellect and fashion.

    This soirée wasn’t just a book launch; it was a rendezvous of literary finesse and opulent aesthetics, etching a lasting memory for the privileged attendees.


    18th August 2023