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    International Women’s Day: Women of Wonder

    International Women’s Day: Women of Wonder

    Celebrating the prowess of femininity, The Chanakya hosted an experiential event laden in luxe titled “Women of Wonder” where a plethora of women of substance in attendance. The event began with a culinary workshop with Dubai based Celebrity nutrition and holistic wellness coach Eshanka Wahi. The insightful and interactive session had the attendees learn healthy and nutritious recipes alongside some effective weight loss methods. Filled with drinks, delicacies from MKT, live music and workshops with exquisite brands, the memorable event encapsulated the essence of women.

    Bringing forth beauty and luxe, Noir Salon treated ladies with wonderful nail sessions. Workshops such as personalizing your fragrance by Savour and Aura, coffee cup reading by Ruchika Arora (astroruchikaarora) and finding befitting products for the hair and skin with Mantra Herbals. Tiffany & Co. saw an array of ladies trying on and learning about the jewels of their dreams, thereafter getting wonderful caricatures of themselves as keepsakes. Luxury Graphers made for the perfect photography partner, creating a 360 Degree photo booth capturing happy moments of the attendees.

    Pouring partner Hendricks gin set up a one of a kind booth, wherein guests knocked on the mysterious doors to be welcomed into the world of gin concoctions. Being greeted by a bartender, cocktails were prepared and presented dramatically and in a fun manner.

    In attendance were television personalities such as Karan Wahi and Kavita Ghai, influencers such as Upasna Ghai and Meher Taluja, Media personalities like Stuti Bhattacharya- senior beauty editor at IDIVA, makeup artists like Shagun Gupta and many others. Entrenched in fashion, influencers adorned ensembles from a multitude of brands; Upasana Ghai sported Diesel while Shivani Girdhar was seen wearing Ted Baker. Anushka Mehra wore Polo Ralph Lauren and Manavi Gaur sported Perona and Outhouse. Suhani Chandhok adorned Ranna Gill while Eshanka Wahi wore Ted Baker and Outhouse Jewellery.

    The Chanakya guests were gifted goodie bags and vouchers curated by gifting partners from in-house brands such as Noir Salon, Ranna Gill, KC Roasters from Foodhall, PVR, Outhouse Jewellery, MKT and external brands such as Savour and Aura, Svami, Mantra Herbals and The Betel Affaire.


    11th of March 2022